Interviews are listed chronologically, with the most recent one at the very top. Click the title to read or the podcast icon to listen to the interview:

Interview with Ursula Gauthier, L’Obs, 18 August 2016

Interview with Fionnuala McHugh, South China Morning Post25 June 2016

Interview with Josh Glancy, Sunday Times, 13 May 2016

Interview with Karen Shook, Times Higher, 12 May 2016

Interview with Patrick Brzeski, South China Morning Post, 4 September 2011

Interview with John Sunyer, The Statesman, 29 July 2011 

Interview with Andrew Holgate, The Sunday Times, 10 July 2011

'Letter from China: Q & A with Frank Dikötter on Famine and Mao', interview with Evan Osnos, The New Yorker, 16 December 2010

Interview with Cathy Wassell from Kinokuniya, Kino News, December 2010

'If the Truth Were Known', interview with Noah Buchan, The Taipei Times, 12 December 2010

'Showing What Happened', interview with Matthew Robertson in The Epoch Times, 19 November 2010

星島日報記者 袁效仁 , 學者解封大躍進秘史, 11 November 2010

蘋果日報記者冼麗婷, 八方人物:查閱中共解封檔案寫成大饑荒歷史, 11 November 2010

明報記者黃靜雅,港大教授4年調查 指死亡數字被低估 「大躍進害死4500萬人」, 11 November 2010

Talk and Interview at the Asia Society filmed for C-SPAN's Book TV, 13 October 2010

Interview with Jin Zhong (金钟), editor of Kaifang (开放) (in Chinese), 10 October 2010

WGBH broadcast of talk on Mao's Great Famine at the Harvard Book Shop on 8 October 2010

Interview with Emmanuel Martin in Un Monde Libre, 7 October 2010 (in French)

Youtube clip of interview on the Sunday Times, 1 October 2010:


'Mao's Great Leap Forward "Killed 45 Million in Four Years"', Arifa Akbar, The Independent, 17 September 2010

'Why I Write', That's Shanghai, 15 September 2010

'Q & A with Bloomsbury Publishing about Mao's Great Famine', 5 July 2010

'Discovering Openness in Republican China', Wei Wen Po, 26 June 2006

'Defending a Radical Reappraisal of Modern Chinese History', Bradley Winterton, Taipei Times, Sunday, 19 June 2005